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December 2021: We have previously been required - and happy - to use the NHS Friends and Family feedback form - but since the onset of the pandemic this requirement was suspended. Although we kept the form 'live' on our website we have now, reluctantly, come into line with NHS advice. and disabled the form

We are always glad to get feedback - and whilst we would like to think our patients will always be pleased with how we have assisted, we do know that we are human and, as such, might provide less than our best.


Not everybody will have time to tell us in person what our service was like for them - in which case please feel free to use this feedback form. We do read all messages - however we do not monitor messages daily. Please do not use this form for any medical or prescription queries, questions to the doctors or any topic which requires a response.

This form should only be used to give patient feedback on the services we provide (including any feedback about this website). It cannot be used to request medication nor be used to ask doctors medical questions

Whilst you do not have to give us any personal information it does help if you can tell us who you are - it is very difficult to receive anonymous feedback (good or bad) which we cannot react to. 

Whilst we hope our patients will find lot's of good things to say about us - or have ideas to improve what we do or change how we do things - we can only aim for perfection - telling us as much as possible will help keep us on that trajectory.

Remember - If you have a medical question or issue relating to prescriptions, treatment, organisation etc.  then please telephone or call in to discuss with us - we cannot respond to queries via this feedback form - it is not an enquiry service. 

Contact details (address, telephone, opening times etc.

Willerby & Swanland Surgery

Willand Primary Care Centre

Lowfield Road


East Riding HU10 7JR

Tel: 01482 652652

The Reception opens from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Fridays.


We are not open on weekends or Bank Holidays. 

Clinical appointments are usually between 8.30am and 11.00am and again between 1.30pm until 5.00pm.


Exact times vary according to the type of appointment and more information is given in the 'Appointments' page

Contacting Us 

PLEASE BE AWARE - that if you are not telephoning to request a doctor appointment, you might find contact easier to avoid the first half hour in the mornings - this is the primary time patients booking an 'on-day' appointment get in touch

Mondays and Fridays equally can be very busy so we may not be able to respond to non-appointment queries as quickly as we would like. 


You can contact us in person, by telephone or by writing to us

When telephoning the surgery, please listen to the options available to access the right service

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