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If you are driving please be aware that there is no car park at Swanland - on-street parking only - and the spaces at Willerby - which are behind the surgery - are very limited. There is also on-street parking at Willerby.


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There is no on-site parking in Swanland and patients must use available on-street spaces if they attend by car.

At Willerby Surgery there is a small car park behind the building - but this is generally not enough for the numbers who attend by car and, as in Swanland, parking may need to be via on-street spaces.

Neither location has the space to increase parking provision and patients should bear this in mind when attending - you may need to allow time to park away from the Surgery - although you are welcome to drop off any patients by the entrance doors please do not park on the roadway - this can block access for other users of the site and interfere with emergency ambulance access.


Swanland Surgery is accessed from the main footpath without need for steps - so wheelchair, buggy access etc is quite easy

Willerby Surgery has a ramp at the rear of the entrance lobby for wheelchair / buggy access etc. - although patients should be are advised that doors are opened manually. If this presents any difficulty for you please let our reception know (use the bell push) - we will always be happy to help any of our patients coming into or exiting the building.


Public Transport

There are good bus links to both sites and, of course, taxis will deposit and collect patients from either surgery



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 We have a team of full and part-time doctors supported by nurses, phlebotomist and administrative staff to ensure we deliver to the best of our ability.

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