Applying to Register as a Patient


MAY 2022: In our new premises we have NOT yet changed our practice boundary - thus WE DO NOT COVER ANLABY: and we have a limit on how many new patients we can accept in any one week.
That is because our list is currently FULL and at the moment we only accept new patients who have no local GP practice.

You will need to attend at the Practice to to hand in any registrations forms and from 10 May 2022 we will only be registering a limited number of new patients per week.

We expect this will change as we settle in - and updates will be posted here. Please note: we do not hold a waiting list.

JUNE update : we remain under pressure and will retain our current limit for a while longer.

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If you have moved into the practice boundary you may wish to apply to register as patient with Willerby and Swanland Surgery. You can do this by completing our Patient Application Form including a GMS1 Form - and handing this in to our Reception - one form per person seeking to register. 


You can view, complete and print the Patient Application Form from here (see below) - please be sure to fill in all the pages. - Currently this service is suspended - you need to call in in person. 

Additionally - please also complete the patient Medical Form which will be needed if you are accepted on our patient list. Currently this service is suspended - you need to call in in person

If you are on regular medication from your current surgery - please make sure you have at least a month's supply before applying to register with us - and also that, if possible, you provide us with a current copy of your repeat prescription.

You can fill each of these form in on your computer - however you must print each form out, add your signature and bring in person with relevant proofs of address and identification. Currently this service is suspended - you need to call in in person. 

Click each on each form to download (you can complete on screen but you must print and sign the forms) 



Currently this service is suspended - you need to call in in person. 

Please also download and complete the new patient medical form



Currently this service is suspended - you need to call in in person. 

Please complete a full set of forms for each person asking to register - including children.

Young patient

When you hand in the forms, the receptionist will check the contents but will not be able to tell you that you have been accepted - that will be reviewed by the Health Promotion officer. If there are any issues with your application he/she will advise you in due course. Please allow up to 5 days for the process to be reviewed/completed.


Tips when completing the form ....... 

When you provide your proofs of your identity (photo-licence/passport etc) and address (utility bill/bank statement etc) we will also be able to use these to create your on-line access account. 


Important - please take care when choosing to exercise your right to opt-out of information sharing (Page 2) - choosing to opt-out may mean we cannot treat you as a patient, please therefore speak to the practice for more information if you are in any way unsure.


Additionally, if you are on any regular medication you will need to see one of our doctor's before you can receive any prescriptions from us - so please ensure you have at least 4 weeks supply from your existing practice - and where possible please provide us with an up-to-date repeat prescription order slip.

Check you live within our practice boundary (click here to see the boundary map)

Please also have a look at our patient charter - a list of rights and responsibilities