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COVID-19 Vaccine update:

Vaccination programme

We are delighted to be offering the COVID-19 vaccine to our patients, with the rollout well underway as we vaccinate our more vulnerable patients, care home residents and staff first.

We understand there is a huge amount of interest in the vaccine however, please do not contact the Practice to book an appointment. The vaccination programme will take months, it will not happen in a few days. Please be patient, do not worry, no one will be excluded from the programme and when it is the right time for you to be vaccinated, we will contact you to book your appointments. In the meantime, do continue to follow all the guidance to control the virus and save lives.

You can get information about the COVID-19 Vaccination online at www.nhs.uk/covidvaccination.

Willerby and Swanland Surgery seeks to be a leading primary healthcare provider in the East Riding. Our philosophy is simply that every patient is entitled to the highest standard of care available - and we want to provide this through excellent service.


We will assist our patients manage illness and ailments through self-help, medication, appropriate referrals to secondary care and chronic disease monitoring clinics. Our experience and commitment have given us the reputation as the best surgery in the area

At Willerby and Swanland Surgery, you will receive the quality and service you expect from a primary care leader. Our practice evolves as the needs of our patients change and as new opportunities are created within healthcare. We will strive to offer access to the latest services, technology and developments within the NHS.


For more information about each item please see the relevant web page


 Download and use the NHS App from Google Play for Android or the App

 Store for Apple devices 

You can use this to order repeat prescriptions, make GP appointments and see summary medical records.

For more detailed access to your records you will need to register at the surgery for online access.

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You can now make an appointment to see a primary care clinician at a number of GP Surgeries across East Riding in the evenings and at weekends.

​For fuller details of this service please visit the Improving Access website www.improvingaccess.co.uk

This service is available for all East Riding patients. 

Online access apps : we have removed the links to the few individual apps we displayed because the number available has exceeded our ability to display them all.

Since we do not recommend any specific provider (other than the NHS App) it is not appropriate for us to shown just a selection.

Please download your app to your computer or tablet or smart phone - or simply use the search bar and then add to your favourites.


Joined up healthcare

We want every patient to receive the highest possible standard of care. 
We will ensure our patients receive our best service to assist them manage illness and ailments through self-help, medication and relevant referrals to appropriate healthcare professionals.

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