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Hull York Medical School

Since 2007 the Surgery has hosted 4th Year medical students from the Hull York Medical School for one day a week during four academic terms. 

Each placement is in sixteen week blocks and the new academic year starts in September each year.

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The current academic year started September 2021 and runs through to Summer 2022. Students have now returned to physical attendance for some consultation and teaching sessions.

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How does this affect Patients

During term times, on Wednesday mornings at Willerby Surgery, one or two students sit in the consultations with two of our doctors and one of our nurses.

The appointments are overseen by one of the partners - although the  students will generally be the ones who talk to the patient, explore the history and symptoms, ask about the various aspects leading up to the problem and what the patient is hoping to gain from their appointment.


A decision on possible treatments options is reached between the students and the patient - but under the direct medical supervision of the doctor. When the consultation has ended, the students review the appointment with the doctor.

Do Patients have to be seen by the Students 

In short, NO - if you prefer to see one of the doctors without the medical student present then you just need to make this clear at the start of the consultation.

Do I Have to give my Consent to be seen by a Student Doctor  


Yes you do. When you are offered an appointment on a student-hosted Wednesday morning, the receptionist will tell you that is it a 'Doctor/Student' appointment and that a medical student will be taking an active part in the consultation.

You give consent to be seen by the students when you accept one of these Doctor/Student appointments - however you can change your mind at the start of the consultation and the doctor will make the appropriate arrangements for you.

We do hope that you will be able to be seen with the medical students to help us with our commitment to training our future doctors

How Do the Doctor/Student Appointments Work

During the first part of the consultation the student will ask most of the questions. The supervising doctor will say very little - other than prompt the students in areas they have not gained information or which has not been covered.

These students are in their fourth year and this is by no means their first placement. Consequently they are very used to helping patients explain their problem and asking the appropriate questions.

Once the information has been gained, the supervising doctor may then take over the consultation - or a least work with the students - and discuss the treatment options and plans.

At the end of the consultation - when the patient has left - the doctor and student will spend some time discussing how the consultation went and how the student carried out their role. The students will be able to ask the supervising doctor how/why the treatment options decided upon were arrived at.

What the students are learning is how to gather important facts and history about the patients problem and how to use that information to inform the choice of treatment. You, the patient, are undertaking a very important part in the training of these future doctors by agreeing to a consultation led by them.

Remember, however, the supervising  doctor is always in control and remains, with you, the decision maker when determining your treatment.

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